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Makita D-73209 D-73215 D-73221 Gauge Drill Countersink Drive Bit D-73237 D-73243 D-73259 Gauge Drill Countersink Bit Word Bit

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Color: D-73215 3PCS

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Brand Name: Makita

Model Number: D-73209/D-73215/D-73221/D-73237/D-73243/D-73259

Origin: Mainland China

DIY Supplies: Woodworking

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes


MakitaGauge Drill Countersink & Drive


·A multifunction tool for drilling, countersinking and fastening (PH2) self-tapping screws

·Drill bit can be lengthened & shortened by adjusting the grub screw with the Allen key on the end of the main holder.

·Easily switch from countersink drilling to driving by sliding the chuck to release the bit then reversing it and locking it back in place

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