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Makita HW001GZ Brushless Cordless Pressure Washer 40V Lithium Power Cleaning Tools

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Brand Name: Makita

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE


Brushless Cordless High Pressure Washer


·Cordless High Pressure Washer powered by 40Vmax XGT Li-Ion battery (two in parallel or one)

·High washing power similar to that of corded models

·Good mobility and transportability

·High washing power; very good balance between high discharge pressure and high flow rate (in mode 3) similar to that of HW0820.

·3 operation modes; operation mode can be selected to suit the contamination degree of the object to be cleaned

·Telescopic handle for easy transportation and storage

·Large diameter wheels; equipped with 140mm diameter wheels, allowing for good mobility even on bumpy road surfaces.

·Self-priming function:
·Water can be supplied not only from faucet but also from water reservoirs, such as poly tanks, large buckets, using this function
·Max suction height: 1m
·Minimal water level: 15mm
·No need to operate air drain valve

·New foam nozzle features a foaming mesh newly added to improve the foaming performance of detergent



Max Permissible Pressure:11.5 MPa (N/A bars)

Regular Pressure:Model 1 / Mode 2 / Mode 3: 3.0 / 5.5 / 8.5 MPa

Max Water Flow:N/A L/h (7.0 L/min)

Regular Flow:Model 1 / Mode 2 / Mode 3: 3.0 / 4.2 / 5.5 L/min

Pump Speed (RPM):Model 1 / Mode 2 / Mode 3: 1,870 / 2,580 / 3,350 minˉ¹

Max Feed Temperature:40 °C (N/A °F)

Max Suction Height:1 m (3.3 ft.)

High Pressure Hose Length:5 m (16 ft.)

Max Output:1,200 W

Vibration Level:3.2 m/s²

Vibration K Factor:1.5 m/s²

Sound Pressure Level:71 dB(A)

Noise K Factor:3.2 dB(A)

Dimensions (L x W x H):344 x 383 x 520 mm (13-1/2 x 15-1/8 x 20-1/2″)

Net weight:10.3 – 13.4 kg (22.7 – 29.5 lbs.)

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