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new Against Formaldehyde Pesticide Double Tank Gas Spray Paint Chemical Dust Silicone Protective Respirators Respirator Gas Mask

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Brand Name: HUWEIIA

Safety standard: none

Protection class: none

Origin: China Mainland

Model Number: respirator gas mask

Certification: none

Shell material: Silica gel

filter material: Activated carbon

Style: Wearing style

Features: Spray mask

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Size: breathing mask expressions using width is 115* 120 mm

(about the size refers to the mask in combination with the size of the expressions using, head length can be adjusted, not o external mask size.)


1 PCS mask (o two filters)

Product use:

Suitable for chemical, oil, paint, pharmaceutical, automobile manufacturing, pesticide and other places of toxic, to as painting, acid treatment, paint, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, also can be 2 for welding operation, etc.;

Canister function: 2 for protective organic gas or steam, to as benzene and its', aniline: gasoline, acetone, carbon disulfide, alcohols, ethers, chlorine, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, methyl bromide, methyl chloride, nitrobenzene, nitrocellulose, chloropicrin.

The Product features:
Double tankThe respirator, bow doesn 't interfere with The work, small influence The view below.
Silica gel, soft, no stimulation.
The Support pressure mask, tight and feel comfortable.
Plug-in headband connector, easy to use.
Canned filter potions, economical and practical.
Suitable for long timePoisonous exercise.

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